You will see a gallery of pictures where I have won and perfectly executed in the Shopper Market Arena in Atlanta, GA.

Creative Display

Large Creative Display. Coca-Cola had the placement during March Madness. I was able to work with the Store Manager and secure the display until playoffs.

Tum-E Yummies in Toy Isle

Tum-E Yummies are placed in the Toy Isle in Walmart.

1.25 Rack

1.25 Liter Rack has updated POS and has coupons on every bottle.

Gold Peak Rack is next to 1.25 Liters

Vitamin Water Cooler with Coupons

Vitamin Water has a coupon book on the cooler and has the Glaceau brand fully represented.

Import Bottles | Coke De Mexico
Half Liter 6 Pack Display

.5L 6pack two pallet display for March Madness in Walmart right in front of the check out lines. Prime Location.

Monster Rack

Monster Rack placed as soon as you walk into the Walmart Market Side.

Core Power Shipper

Core Power Shipper by the pharmacy area in Walmart next to the blood pressure machine.

Core Power Shipper

Core Power Shipper by the pharmacy area in Walmart next to the blood pressure machine.

Publix Final Four Lobby Display

Publix Front Lobby Display with 12pack and 12oz 8pack bottles.

Publix Back of Final Four Lobby Display

Mini Cans and .5L 6pack bottles were displayed in the back of the Final Four display.

Walmart Cooler December 2014

Walmart Cooler is properly set to planogram and has additional Monster 4packs on top of cooler.

Publix Mini Can and .5L6pk End Cap

8-foot end cap consisting of mini cans and .5L 6pack bottles with a snack tie-in.

Publix Smart Water Side End Cap March

Smart Water 6 pack package with a snack tie in the healthy option category in the side end cap.

Publix Lobby Display Final Four 12pack

Lobby Display with only 12 packs have coupons that are for a special final four promotion.

Publix 12pack display

2 pallets of 12 packs with base wrap.

Publix Front Lobby Display part two

.5L 6pack bottles and 12oz 8 pack bottles are on display.

Publix Front Lobby Display part 3
Group Wins Trophy

Group pictures for coming in first place for the Atlanta Market Unit in the first quarter as far as volume, DNGP and DNNSI.

Powerade Display End Cap in April

Healthy still snack bundle with 5 rows of Powerade and one row of chips.

Coke Life

Coke Life Shipper featuring both cans and glass bottles.

Monster Floor Stack Display
Aluminum Bottle Display

8.5oz Aluminum bottles display rack.

Gold Peak Tea Rack

Gold Peak Tea in different sizes. 18.5 oz single bottles, .5L 6pack and 64 oz tea racks.

Display in Kroger

12oz 12 pack cans and 12oz 8 pack bottles.

Cold Space with only Coke Products

Powerade, Various Tea, Coconut water and Flavored water is in the Cold Space. All these products are exclusive Coca-Cola Products.

2 liter Display for Super Bowl

2 Liter Display with Coca-Cola core brands and a tent and a recliner.