Sincerely, Black History Month | Thriving Under Thirty | Episode 2: Danielle Mitchell

The second episode of our Black History Month Special, Thriving Under Thirty, features the lovely Danielle Mitchell. Danielle “Dani So Fancy” Mitchell is a Marketing Professional and Founder of Average Black Girl. About 2 years ago, she found herself becoming extremely passionate about the injustice going on not only in the world but in her own backyard so she thought about ways to utilize her degrees in Marketing and Management from the University of Illinois-Champaign.

She had the work experience to match her education, so she decided to utilize those skills for personal business branding that makes a difference. Marketing allows her to fulfill her creative spirit while using her social media platforms and relationships to create an end result that can benefit the Melanin Community.

The mission of Average Black Girl is to promote and market Black-Owned businesses and products. Average Black Girl exposes viewers to thriving Black-Owned businesses, products, and brands to encourage the Global community to invest its resources into the economy of Black-Owned businesses. Average Black Girl is all about galvanizing its viewers to BUY BLACK and in INVEST IN BLACK BUSINESS.

See what Danielle has to say about being an entrepreneur in today’s world‼‼

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